Sunday, September 29, 2013

iPhone pictures and videos are upside-down. Just another embarrassing bug Apple refuses to fix.

We all know that the iPhone and iPad have orientation sensors.  They know which way the camera is turned when you take a picture or video.

Instead of using this information to simply encode the image right-side-up (putting the pixels that belong in the upper-left corner first in the file, and progressing from there), Apple stores the pixels in whatever haphazard orientation the phone is in and sets a metadata flag on the file to record that orientation.  It then becomes the job of every other piece of software on the planet to cater to this flag and rotate the image accordingly when displaying it.

Typical Apple solution.  Instead of simply recording the image right-side-up and thereby enabling any JPEG viewer ever written to show it without a problem, Apple implements a hokey hack and expects everybody to rewrite their applications to pander to it.

According to Apple, this is everybody else's fault.

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