Friday, August 3, 2012

NBC's Olympic lie

It's bad enough that the Olympics are spoiled for United States viewers by NBC's abysmal coverage.  Unless you choose not to read the news for two weeks, you don't have any reason to watch the Olympics by the time NBC finally gets around to broadcasting them eight or 10 hours late.

NBC further insults Americans by claiming that they're streaming events live.

Nope.  Take a look at where this lie breaks down.

Now why should I log in with some "TV provider's" credentials, when NBC is a publicly viewable network funded by ADVERTISING?  Yep, aside from making us wonder what a "form video" is, this screen is a harbinger of bullshit to come.  And it comes quickly:

So much for Net Neutrality and NBC's fraud.  NBC not only rips off American viewers, but it rips off its own sponsors by inexplicably denying them millions of additional viewers.  Hell, NBC is ripping off itself by reducing its measurable audience and the value of its content along with it.

Sponsors should boycott NBC as long as NBC intentionally reduces its audience and insults American viewers with this sham.

Oh, and as a final stroke of incompetence, that "Learn more/FAQ" link on the initial screen takes you to a video that you can't watch.  It goes right back to the "We're Sorry" screen above.  What it should say is "We're too stupid to understand our own business model."

Jim Bell, the executive producer of NBC's so-called Olympics coverage, smugly comments to Hollywood Reporter:

"We can understand and appreciate that people are passionate about things," says Jim Bell. "I think the numbers speak for themselves."

Um, no.  No they don't.  Maybe you can tell us what other options you think viewers had, Mr. Bell.  Against what competing Olympics coverage did NBC earn these numbers?  We'll be holding our breath for your answer, genius.

UPDATE: NBC pulled this same scam again, but even worse.

UPDATE 2016: NBC is ripping off the public and screwing Team USA again.