Monday, February 6, 2012

The Douchetag

An InformationWeek article today discussed the derision heaped on Samsung, after Samsung's Super Bowl commercial for the Galaxy tablet depicted someone using a stylus.  The Twitter quotes ran like this:
One of the great things about the #iPhone was abandoning the #stylus. Not sure why #samsung thinks bring it back is #innovation and #freedom
Yep: the "pound iPhone" and the "pound stylus."

This guy thinks communication and search technology today is so primitive that every significant term must be specially marked.  Why would you even use such a medium, in which you're not free to type messages normally?  This is like WordPerfect, circa 1985.

If you have to litter your communications with asinine codes in the present day, the medium is a failure.  Why pander to it?

One of the #great things about #search #algorithms is how they #rank #significant #words and #devalue #insignificant words, #DUH.

Pretty sure this guy uses douchetags.
Thankfully, a recent study showed that the use of douchetags reduces the appeal of content they're embedded in.

UPDATE:  Here's another story about a douchetag user getting rightly reamed across the Internet.

UPDATE 2There's a pattern emerging here: douchetag users = losers

UPDATE 3Google's trying to create its own variation of the douchetag.

UPDATE 4: Michelle Shocked is the latest douchetagger to suffer the consequences.

UPDATE 5: Microsoft employee Adam Orth is the latest douchebag douchetagger to get publicly reamed.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mashable shills for Pinterest; Pinterest spams Facebook

The question is who's blowing whom, in return for the ham-fisted shilling that Mashable does for Pinterest.  The endless "articles" are bad enough, but the comment threads after them are gag-inducing.  If you want to read some marketing people's truly clumsy attempt at disguising spam as comments, check this douchebaggery out:
It gets better.  Here's this guy's "off-the-cuff comment" in response to an article that already explained the site:
Then there's this realistic-sounding remark:
Let me grab a napkin and wipe off this puke.
Here's a medley of some insightful comments from some other "people":
Look at Ms. Wang's post if you think these comments aren't spam.  The "Phebe" bot just strayed off the ranch a little bit there.  And the ranch is fertile.  Look at this parade of press releases masquerading as "articles" (click to enlarge):

They're pounding pinning, all right.

UPDATE: What a surprise, Pinterest was caught spamming people's Facebook friends.  The Next Web has the story here.

UPDATE 2: Here's a great story about "tech bloggers" whoring out, selling out, and basically lying: Whores and Paid Apologists

UPDATE 3: Mashable banned my account.  HA HA HA!  Obviously I consider this a victory.  Pretty sad, Mashabullshit.