Friday, February 3, 2012

Mashable shills for Pinterest; Pinterest spams Facebook

The question is who's blowing whom, in return for the ham-fisted shilling that Mashable does for Pinterest.  The endless "articles" are bad enough, but the comment threads after them are gag-inducing.  If you want to read some marketing people's truly clumsy attempt at disguising spam as comments, check this douchebaggery out:
It gets better.  Here's this guy's "off-the-cuff comment" in response to an article that already explained the site:
Then there's this realistic-sounding remark:
Let me grab a napkin and wipe off this puke.
Here's a medley of some insightful comments from some other "people":
Look at Ms. Wang's post if you think these comments aren't spam.  The "Phebe" bot just strayed off the ranch a little bit there.  And the ranch is fertile.  Look at this parade of press releases masquerading as "articles" (click to enlarge):

They're pounding pinning, all right.

UPDATE: What a surprise, Pinterest was caught spamming people's Facebook friends.  The Next Web has the story here.

UPDATE 2: Here's a great story about "tech bloggers" whoring out, selling out, and basically lying: Whores and Paid Apologists

UPDATE 3: Mashable banned my account.  HA HA HA!  Obviously I consider this a victory.  Pretty sad, Mashabullshit.

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