Monday, July 9, 2012

Capital One: We don't care about your security, identity, or business.

For the third time in eight months or so, Capital One suddenly started declining my purchases, for the same reason: A merchant's security was compromised and my card number was exposed.

Not once did Capital One even bother to send me an E-mail, let alone call me.  They knew my card number was compromised, and that quite possibly other aspects of my identity were open to theft as a result.  But they didn't even have their automated system send me an E-mail about this security breach.

It's hard to overstate how irresponsible and offensive this is.  But that's not all; Capital One, every time, capped off the offense by proposing to send my replacement card through the regular mail in five to seven days.

A great many people, millions I'm sure, make thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for credit-card companies every year.  I make Capital One plenty of money, and yet after I'm inconvenienced and prevented from making them money, they're not going to FedEx my new card.  They're going to lazily plop it in the old U.S. mail along with some marketing fliers and maybe some utility payments or magazine cards from people working at the processing center.

And if you complain about this insult (which you should), you'll still be told that the best they can do is an "expedited" delivery in two to three days.  Yes, it's as if they have no idea exactly when this goddamned thing is going to arrive, in 2012.  Are they attaching it to a flying burro?  A capricious cherub?  If you can't figure out how to get a document to a customer in exactly two days, go out of business.  NOW.

And while Capital One is dicking around, I have to wait to go through every service I use and every bill I pay and change the credit card I have on file.  And inevitably I'm going to miss one or two and have payments declined.

Can we continue to hand money to assholes like this and retain any self respect?